Thursday, December 8, 2016


Left Sam Houston Jones State Park at 10:00 this morning and arrived home at 2:00 this afternoon.  Stopped for a short lunch break and had some Popeye's Chicken in Lafayette.

The wind was blowing hard again and blew me into the next lane several times.  It was really gusty at about 27 miles per hour.  On top of that, the large 18 wheelers would pass me by and cause a gust of wind themselves.  Then when they would get in front of me I would feel their windy wake which tossed me around like a snake.  I had to put up with that for about two hours and then it started to rain.  So now there is more to hinder my safe driving.  I held the steering wheel so tight, at times I could no longer feel my hands.  My whole body was so tense and now sore as though I've been beat up.  I've never been so happy to get home.

My Texas trip did not go as planned but I'm still glad I went.  However, I won't be going back.  After having enjoyed Port Aransas on three different trips, I think I've had my fill.  The drive is just too long.  My small Class B is not very comfortable for long extended trips.  Too much to do to keep it functioning.  Tanks are small and need dumping every 3 days, as well as taking on fresh water.  I'll just enjoy it for small trips here locally.  I have no desire to leave the state any longer.

I have come to realize that I am not an RVer but a camper.  I like to put my rug out, my chairs out, my table out, open the awning, cook outside, read a book outside, etc.  I don't like to drive especially the Interstate roads.  So I'm a camper and I will do lots more camping.  However, I'll be doing it within an hour or two of my house.

I just had a nice long hot soak in my tub and a glass of wine.  Now I'm going to order some food from Applebee's and enjoy my supper in front of the fireplace.  My little doggies are also so happy to be back home.  They ran in the house and picked up some of their toys and ran into every room as if to check to see if they were really home.  Poor little babies.  Cha Bu was sick the first 8 days of the trip.  She does not like the RV.

Click the link to see just how happy my doggies were to be home.

Travel Expenses for 12 day trip:

Fuel --------- $203.97
RV parks --- $252.00 including locksmith
Food -------- $248.97 including souvenirs
TOTAL ---- $704.94

Quintana Beach to Lake Charles

Left Quintana at 10:00 Wednesday morning and arrived in Lake Charles at 3:00 Wednesday afternoon.  Stopped midway for a lunch break.  It was a long day of driving but I really want to get home soon.  One more night and I'll be back in my bed.  Looking forward to a tub bath and a glass of wine in front of the fireplace.

I thought I had set my GPS settings for the quickest way home but it was set for the shortest way home.  It took me into the Houston area and Baytown and down some pretty bad roads that had traffic backed up due to road repair.  So it added 30 minutes to my travel time.  I have now reset the GPS and I'm back on track.

Here at Sam Houston Jones State Park it is really quiet.  Not many campers today.  I've seen lots of deer and almost hit one coming into the park.  Had to slam on my brakes to miss a group of about 5 in the road around a curve.  Later another group came up to my campsite.  They are so pretty.  Wish I could pet one.

Really tired and going to bed early after one last walk with the dogs.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Left Magnolia Beach at 10:00 this morning and arrived at Quintana Beach at 12:30 this afternoon.  This is a very nice county park.  I've been here once before, three years ago.  I paid $20 for one night to have full hookups.  That's fantastic.  

It sure got warm and sunny fast.  Last night we slept on the beach with no electric.  It was really cold.  I turned the generator on every now and then to run the electric heater, but not for long.  I was low on propane so didn't run the RV heater.  My little dogs were trembling when I woke this morning.  I felt so bad that I didn't keep them warm with me under the covers.  They had their sweaters on and I thought they would be warm, however the wind was hitting their side of the RV so they got the brunt of it all.

Cha Bu has just noticed that there is a beach in the distance.

Can't do much walking here as there are burrs everywhere.  It took me a good while to remove some from the feet and hair of my dogs.  There is no grass here that does not have the burrs so I have to take the dogs to the beach to potty.  That's not going to work out so well later tonight.  I just hope they use the puppy pads that I put on the floor.  My poor little babies have not had an easy time on this trip.  I'll have to make it up to them somehow.

Monday, December 5, 2016


Left Port Aransas at 11:30 this morning and arrived at Magnolia Beach at 1:30 this afternoon.  Good driving conditions although still overcast and windy.

There are only 2 other RVs on the beach here.  I guess it's just not the kind of weather campers want to experience.  I prefer to go RVing in November but have been here in December as well.

Will be taking it slow and easy going back home.  No long days of driving for me.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


It was pretty dreary today.  Stayed inside the RV and only walked the dogs once.  Took them under the office for them to potty so they wouldn't get wet.

 View from my bed.  Can see the Gulf on the other side of the office.

 Not much to do today but nap.  The dogs are getting a little bored being inside so much... and so am I.  We may leave for home tomorrow.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Cold front came through last night.  It's now in the 50s and wind blowing about 18mph. 

I put them on the table because the wind was blowing the sand in their eyes.  It's really blowing on the beach.

Lots of activities at the pier.  There were also several surfers out today.

Took a ride to Alister Street to my favorite shop and bought a few things.  Then to the IGA for some items I ran out of.  Got some Bar-B-Q ribs and a bag of chips for lunch and parked on the beach to enjoy.

Parked near the roadway.  The beach was covered at high tide and looked a little soft to me. 

Cha Bu enjoying herself.

We're back at the park and putting on our winter clothes as the temp is dropping.  Tonight I'll be cooking pork chops and green beans and rice.  Will be watching "Meet the Fockers" later tonight.

Cha Bu looking for little doggies.

 Had a relaxing day.

Friday, December 2, 2016


The RV park is filling up and I've seen a couple of single travelers but not met them yet.  We all seem to be staying indoors during this dreary day.

Woke up at 5:30 this morning which is unusual for me.  I like to sleep late and so do the dogs.  If I could just stay up longer at night but lately I fall asleep before 9:00pm.  

Left the park at 7:30 this morning to park on the beach.  Cooked my breakfast there - then walked the dogs several times.  It is very overcast and gloomy today.  No sunshine.  However, I enjoyed reclining on my bed and looking out the window at the surf.  The sound is wonderful.  Very relaxing.  Played my Ukulele for the first time in awhile.  But mostly, I just chilled.

No sun today.  

Great view out my door.

Before returning to the park, I rode by the rock jetties where there was a guy paragliding.

Not many fishing on the Rock Jetties today.

Cooked a hamburger spaghetti last night and had leftovers today for lunch, back at the park.  Tried to wash off the dogs to get some of the sand out of their long hair.  They are starting to stink and really need a bath.  I wonder if I could sneak them into the bath house???

Last night I used my RV shower for the first time.  I like having all my bath items handy but boy was it a tight fit.  I hung a second shower curtain against the wall to cover the window.  All in all, not a bad experience.  I knew I had to dump my grey water tank so I used all the water I wanted.  I also refilled my fresh water tank afterwards.  

I'm going to take advantage of the next few cloudy days to just relax and read and watch movies.  I have a hard time doing nothing although I think sometimes that is what I need to do... nothing.  So I'm going to give myself permission to do just that.  When the sun comes back I'll be enjoying the beach with my little doggies again.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


This is the only place that I can be on the beach in my RV with my dogs and see the sun rise.  

It's been a great day.

Checked in to the RV park for a week... but spend the day parked on the beach.  Rain is coming.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Magnolia Beach to Port Aransas, Texas

The Office.

Today's drive was nice and short.  No problems. Left Magnolia Beach at 11:00 this morning and arrived at I.B. Magee Beach Park at 2:00 this afternoon.  Boy... things have changed.  Can't park where I used to.  They have sectioned off a small portion of their huge beach for vehicles - the rest is for day use.  The beach has suffered as well.  Not as nice as before.  I stopped and asked a fellow who was sitting outside of his Class A near the roadway, how high the tide was last night.  He said it covered most of the beach and that's why he was parked near the road.

I went to the office and got a permit and said I would just be one night.  The very nice worker gave me the pass and said "No Charge" just to come back tomorrow to check in to the RV park.  I've decided to park on the beach during the day and stay in the park at night for electric.  The forecast is giving rain for the next 4 days so I'll be better off there.

Riding on the ferry.

Glad to be in one place for awhile.  Can't wait to use their bath house.  Gonna cook me some supper now.  Having Ribeye and baked potato.   Then to bed.

Nighty night.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Surfside Beach to Magnolia Beach, Texas

Lots of campers here today.

Another stressful day for me.  Started out great.  Had a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs and coffee.  Then it went down hill from there.

I noticed that my water pump kept coming on and off which is what it does when water is being used.  Went outside to check and there was lots of water under my RV.  Looked for the source and found it.  Water was dripping from the outside shower which is where I cleaned off the dogs yesterday afternoon after their swim.  I turned off the hose but not the faucet which is what leaked.  So the water had been dripping all night.  I checked my wall panel and it was marking half full.  That's a lot of water lost out of my fresh water tank.  I hooked up the water hose and filled the tank again.  One down... more to go.   

Then I walked the dogs in a grassy area as I did not want to take them back to the beach to get full of sand again and was planning an early departure after their potty walk.  Well, I forgot about the burrs in the grass here in Texas and all of a sudden neither one wanted to walk and were holding up their paws.  So pitiful.  I tried to remove the burrs but there were so many that I just carried the dogs back to the RV where I removed them all.  My poor babies.

Now I'm ready to break camp and turn off the A/C and pick up the electrical cord and water hose, etc.  While I'm outside walking from storage bin to storage bin, I placed my keys down inside the RV and left the door open.  When I was finished and all storage bins were locked, I locked and closed the RV door.  Yes, you guessed it.  I locked myself out... once again.  My keys, phone, and my babies were all inside with no air and it was hot.

The park manager does not stay onsite but has his phone number on the office door if anyone needs him.  Well, I didn't have a phone.  Just at this time, as I was about to freak out, the fellow next door came out of his RV and I told him what happened.  He offered his cell phone but I could not see the screen without my glasses which were in the RV so he did it all for me.  He called the manager who called the Locksmith who was there within 30 minutes.  It took him 30 seconds to open the door.  Fifty dollars later I'm on the road again.  

The night before, the park manager only charged my half price for the spot - $20.  I was so pleased that I saved all that money.  Well, now it cost me $70 for a one night stay.   

Left Surfside Beach at 11:00 this morning and arrived at Magnolia Beach at 2:00 this afternoon.
 The wind gusts were pretty strong today but no rain.  Still had trouble keeping my RV in my lane.  I just want to stay in bed for a week. I'm wasted.  I feel like I've been beat up and every muscle in my body hurts.  The chest pains finally let up.  The stress is killing me.

I did experience some joy today when I watched my little Cha Bu run into the Bay and wasn't afraid.  She kept going in and coming out.  I'm starting to think it's the wave action of the Gulf that scares her but she likes the Bay.  It's a shell beach here so not a lot of cleaning up to do to their feet.  

After their swim.

I'm running the generator now for A/C as it is hot.  Not sure if I will run it all night.  Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler.  I'll be leaving early in the morning after breakfast.   

Monday, November 28, 2016

Lake Charles to Surfside Beach, Texas - what a long day of driving this was.

Left Lake Charles at 9:30 this morning and arrived at Surfside Beach at 2:30 this afternoon.  Five hours of driving in rain and gusty winds of 20 miles per hour.  It was a struggle to keep the RV in my lane and several times I did veer off to my right into the next lane.   It was white knuckle driving all day.  The rain got so bad I had to pull off into a gas station for a while as I couldn't see the road in front of me.  So glad to be parked and safe.

I didn't have reservations for this campground but took a chance and pulled up to the office and noticed that there was one empty spot.  Manager said to go ahead and park and he would be by later to check me in.  I took the dogs to the beach and let them get into the water.  They had a blast.  I had to give them a shower when we got back to the RV and now they are sleeping next to me - very happy little campers.

It was really windy.

Handy little clothes drying rod.

I'm so tired that I'm not even hungry for supper and that NEVER happens.

Nighty night...

Oh... I forgot to mention that Cha Bu has had diarrhea all day and had an accident on her bed and on the rug by my bed.  Poor little thing.  I've been giving her Pepto and sure hope it helps.

Well, here I go again - Texas bound

Sunday - November 27, 2016

Loaded up the RV and left home at 10:30 this morning.  Arrived in Lake Charles and checked in to the Sam Houston Jones State Park at 2:30.  If I would have gone a little faster than 55mph I would have gotten here a little sooner.  I was so tired when I got here.  Just can't drive for more than a couple of hours at a time.  Tomorrow will be another long day of driving to my next stop.

By the time I got checked in and set up at the campground, I only had about an hour of daylight left.  Took a lot of photos of the dogs.  It was so much fun watching Cha Bu explore her surroundings.  Xi Shi has been here several times but that was before Cha Bu came to live with us.

That's the RV in the distance.

Had left over pizza for supper and enjoyed a cold beer as well.  It's only 6:00 and I'm ready for bed.  Didn't sleep much last night and woke up at 4:00am.  I will sleep well tonight.

My Verizon Air Card is not working so can't post tonight.  Not sure why, as it always worked here before.  Maybe it's time for a new one.

Gonna let Frazier DVDs lull me to sleep tonight.  Till tomorrow...

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Well, after postponing two times, I am now packing the RV for my trip to Port Aransas.  Will be leaving this Sunday - two weeks past my original departure date.  Medical issues as usual.

I have decided not to take the cats along.  My trip has been cut short due to the late departure and a previously booked dog sitting job beginning on December 16th.  So I won't be gone for the 4 weeks that I had planned.  The cats will be fine with the several containers of food and water I will leave for them. 

It's been a long hot summer and I'm so ready for a vacation at the beach. It's been 7 months since I've been camping.  This will be the first extended trip in my Class B camper van.  I'm finding it difficult to bring the amount of supplies I used to bring in my Class C which had a large refrigerator/freezer as well as cabinets.  I will just have to make more trips to the grocery store.  I have packed so much into the van that I'm sure I'm over my weight limit.

I won't be bringing my electric bike or doggie carriage on this trip.  Plan on doing a lot of walking which my dogs and I desperately need.  

When I get back, and finish the sitting job, I'll be going to the Grand Isle State Park for a week or so.  That's where I enjoy riding my bike and toting the dogs along in their little red cart.

Looking forward to hearing the roar of the Gulf as I fall asleep in my RV near the shoreline.  There's nothing like it.  Texas, here I come.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I've been hesitant to set a date for departure for my trip to Port Aransas in November for several reasons.  Having had several medical problems and dental problems I wasn't sure I would be up to the trip.  These things are in the process of improving.

Another concern for me was of course money.  Would I have enough for a month stay at the beach.  That situation is also resolving itself as I continue to book dog sitting jobs.  I will be booked for 25 days out of the month of October - my best month yet.  That should cover most of the needed funds for the trip.

And lastly, I have a great concern about the "Red Tide" that sometimes hits the Port Aransas area in November.  I regularly check the website and as of today there is no Red Tide and probably won't be any for November.  I am aware that this condition could change and I would not be able to go to their beach but I'll just have to wait and see.  Otherwise, the trip is ON!!!  I leave November 14th.

December 2012

December 2012 was the last time I was in Port Aransas.  Planned to return each year but my plans always fell through.  Last year I had plans to go to Florida but they also fell through.  However, things seem to be falling into place for this November.  Getting very excited.

I have much to do to get the RV ready.  It's been constantly raining here for months and the camper is in need of a wash and wax as well as a cleaning inside.  Also have to have the oil changed and fluids checked as well as tires and air bags inflated.

Ever since I purchased the Class B Pleasure Way I've gone camping here locally with the dogs but leaving the 3 cats at home.  I was never gone for more than a week and they were fine for that length of time.  However, I have much concern how they will behave in such a small space in the Class B.  They did pretty well in the Class C when I took them to Texas.  They had the bunk area over the driver's seat as their own private space.  There will be no private space for them in the Class B and I know that there will be fur everywhere.  They shed alot.  I'll try to grin and bear it.  I sure don't want to cut my trip short because of their behavior.  Thinking of taking them in the RV every week for an hour or so to let them get used to it until we leave.  I think this will help.