Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I've been hesitant to set a date for departure for my trip to Port Aransas in November for several reasons.  Having had several medical problems and dental problems I wasn't sure I would be up to the trip.  These things are in the process of improving.

Another concern for me was of course money.  Would I have enough for a month stay at the beach.  That situation is also resolving itself as I continue to book dog sitting jobs.  I will be booked for 25 days out of the month of October - my best month yet.  That should cover most of the needed funds for the trip.

And lastly, I have a great concern about the "Red Tide" that sometimes hits the Port Aransas area in November.  I regularly check the website and as of today there is no Red Tide and probably won't be any for November.  I am aware that this condition could change and I would not be able to go to their beach but I'll just have to wait and see.  Otherwise, the trip is ON!!!  I leave November 14th.

December 2012

December 2012 was the last time I was in Port Aransas.  Planned to return each year but my plans always fell through.  Last year I had plans to go to Florida but they also fell through.  However, things seem to be falling into place for this November.  Getting very excited.

I have much to do to get the RV ready.  It's been constantly raining here for months and the camper is in need of a wash and wax as well as a cleaning inside.  Also have to have the oil changed and fluids checked as well as tires and air bags inflated.

Ever since I purchased the Class B Pleasure Way I've gone camping here locally with the dogs but leaving the 3 cats at home.  I was never gone for more than a week and they were fine for that length of time.  However, I have much concern how they will behave in such a small space in the Class B.  They did pretty well in the Class C when I took them to Texas.  They had the bunk area over the driver's seat as their own private space.  There will be no private space for them in the Class B and I know that there will be fur everywhere.  They shed alot.  I'll try to grin and bear it.  I sure don't want to cut my trip short because of their behavior.  Thinking of taking them in the RV every week for an hour or so to let them get used to it until we leave.  I think this will help.