Saturday, July 12, 2014


Took the RV to New Orleans today to deliver some canvas paintings to the Coq Rouge Gallery on Magazine and Cadiz.  Met the owner Patricia and enjoyed our visit.  Took a couple of photos of us and one of my paintings she hung up for a photo op.  Delivered 7 paintings to be placed on consignment.  There was another painting that she had requested to purchase from me and I sold it to her for $50.00.  That's the most I've ever received for any of my artwork.  What a thrill to have my work in a gallery in New Orleans plus coming home with some cash.  Thanks Patricia.  I hope you sell them all.

That painting is titled "Purple Flowing Skirt"

Patricia is in the process of moving here from another location up the street so all of her inventory is not in place yet.  She has plans to enhance her interior space as well as the signage on the exterior.  Can't wait to see the finished product.  

Old location

Parking in the city is a challenge in any vehicle especially an RV.  After going around the block a couple of times I decided to pull up on the curb illegally in front of her shop... with her permission.

My friend Carolyn came along with me today and I left the little doggies at home.  When we left the gallery we drove to the French Market and I parked in my favorite parking lot behind Cafe Du Monde.  Wasn't sure how well I would fit into the parking places but found one along side of the lot and fit right in.

Right over that wall to the left is the French Market and to the right the Mississippi River.

No I didn't buy any.  Wanted to though.

What more could you want???

We were really hungry so went to find the place where we ate last time we were there.  It was so hot that we decided we could not eat in the outdoor area so left the Market place and looked for an inside and air conditioned eatery.  We were dripping sweat when we found Frank's place and enjoyed sharing a large burger, fries, and iced tea..  It was nice and cool and we stayed a good while.

After cooling off and enjoying our meal we ventured off to Royal Street where many art galleries are located.  We stumbled into some really nice galleries and I was in awe of some of the Folk Art that was on display.  The prices were in the $1000 to $5000 range.  WOW!!  This is not Fine Art this is Louisiana Folk Art!  I was amazed.

Carolyn wanted to purchase some perfume so we found a shop she liked and she got the scent she wanted then we walked further down the street and over to my left I saw the Rodrigue Gallery and couldn't get in there fast enough.  The artist is famously known for his Blue Dog series and recently passed away.  I have admired his work and really enjoyed seeing the displayed art work in his gallery.  There were some art that I had never seen before online so it was great fun seeing all those pieces.

Carolyn buying her perfume.  She doesn't know I took this photo.  She'll be pissed.

We walked back towards the RV and lingered in Jackson Square for awhile admiring the art work and architecture.  Then it was time to go as the heat was getting to us again.  The temperature at 1:00 today was 96 but the heat index was well over 100.  It was exhausting to walk around in that heat.  Normally I would only consider going to the city during the colder months but I had to deliver the canvases so I just put up with the heat for today.  Next time I go it will be on a colder day... for sure.

St. Louis Cathedral through the iron fence.


Colorful paintings in Jackson Square.

Band playing in Jackson Square.

Historical home of William Faulkner in Pirate's Alley.

It's now a book store.

Cute little dog.

We entered, I sat down, then got up and walked out as the heat was unbearable for us.  Sure would have liked some beignets.

Tracks near the parking lot.

Cruise ship on the river.

We both enjoyed our visit to the Crescent City and are glad to be back home.