Thursday, September 10, 2015


A couple of months ago I posted about my cat hammock project for the RV.  Well, as my departure date nears I'm rethinking the set up.  I was not fond of the idea that I would have to set this up every night then take it down in the morning and store it while traveling.  So I started all over again with a new and better idea.  Here is a photo of the old set up.

I had to cut an inch off of each pipe and cut some of the canvas off in order to shorten the whole hammock.  Then I had to purchase 4 elbow joints and 4 - two foot lengths of pipe for the legs.  Everything fit in the space except the one leg near the stove.  So I had to replace the 2 foot leg with a longer pipe that would rest on the floor.  The other 3 legs sit on the wooden base of the bed.

My pet alligator seems to approve.

There is plenty of room for the dogs to sleep under the hammock.  They can also have the bottom half of the window to enjoy and the cats can have the top half.

This could also sleep a small child if necessary.  Might need a safety railing also.

I'll be sleeping on the side where the TV is - which used to be for the doggies.

Now if I could just come up with a way to place the litter box where I can't smell it.  I'm thinking of securing the bathroom door about 8 inches in an open position allowing an entry way for the cats to get to their litter box on the bathroom floor.  I'll post photos later as soon as I can come up with a way to fix the door for easy access for me as well.

I think I will place their food and water on the floor in front of the passenger seat.