Saturday, February 27, 2016


Took the leash off of the dogs today and they ran wild.  The youngest is having a hard time understanding the command to return to me.  She gets so carried away with everything she finds on the shore and just ignores me.  My oldest will always respond to commands.

That white spot in the distance is Cha Bu in her own Cha Bu World.

Stumbled upon a dead Pelican.  There have been many found recently on the beach and no explanation for why.
This looked like a dolphin at first but upon a closer look I realized it wasn't.  I didn't want to take off my shoes and socks and walk into the icy cold water to find out what it was so it is still a mystery.  It was pretty large and only a few feet from the beach.

Cha Bu loves to chase the sea gulls. 

Rode by the lagoon on our way to the pier. 

We had it all to ourselves.

They love to walk off leash on the pier.  

Watching dolphins on the starboard bow.  Trust me... they were just there.

It was cold but the sun felt so good.  We stayed a long time at this spot.

Enjoying all the fish smells.

The girls fell asleep after some play time on the pier.

It's been a pleasant trip and we're going home tomorrow.

Thursday, February 25, 2016


The weather is beautiful here at the beach.  It's 60 degrees this evening with an overnight low of 46.  Just love it!

Rode my bike and pulled the doggies around the beach in their red cart and let them out for a while. They love the beach.  It's pretty windy but will be reducing overnight and tomorrow should be just about perfect.

My friend Pat came over for a visit and brought me some fish and oysters and a really nice gin and tonic.  The dogs know the sound of his truck and went wild when they saw him.  They gave him lots of little wet doggie kisses.

Cha Bu getting all the attention.

Xi Shi making those little groaning sounds and begging for some love.

Xi Shi giving kisses.

Cha Bu giving kisses.

The rare photo of me with the dogs while camping... thanks to Pat.

The moon rising over the dunes as seen through my door.

Just closed the windows and had to turn the fireplace on as it got a little chilly.  My dogs were trembling so I knew it was time.  I love the cold but my babies don't.

Looking forward to tomorrow.