Friday, July 17, 2015


Got up early this morning to head out to the beach before it got too hot.  Rode my bike and went alone.  I packed the doggie carriage but forgot to pack the wheels.  I always seem to forget something.  Poor little Tzus had to stay in the RV and miss walking in the sand.

Xi Shi heard a dog barking in the distance and I took the opportunity to snap a photo of her intense look.

Cha Bu also listening intently.

So around 8:00 this morning I was wading in the lake.  The water was cool and clear and it felt great.  Just a few folks walking around which was a big change from yesterday when all the little kiddies were here having fun in the sun.  Later this afternoon they were busing them in by the truckloads.

Last time I was here it was cold so I didn't venture off very far from the cement walk way.  However, today I went to the end of the sandy beach and totally enjoyed the area.  It was so strange to see trees and shade on a beach.  Just love it.

I could have stayed at this spot all day.

Met this nice couple and their Great Dane.

Rode over to the fishing pier.

The small waves were lapping the shore and the sound is oh so soothing to me.   

I stayed about an hour then returned to the RV to break camp.  Rode by the beach on the way out with intentions of letting the dogs walk around on the sand but there were those bus loads of small children heading that way so we just continued on to our house.  Got home around 2:00 this afternoon.  I am planning a return trip to this park as soon as we get our first cold spell.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Broke camp this morning and dumped tanks.  I have a reservation for 3 days at a park about 30 minutes from where I am.  Called ahead to the park to ask if I  could check in a couple of hours earlier than is required.  Very friendly staff said sure, not a problem, come on over.  Got to the park around noon.

I like my site as I knew I would.  It's one of those half-moon pull through sites.  Had checked it out the last time I was here.  However, that was in the winter and I did not have shade in mind at the time.  When I got here there was some shade on my pull through, however, as the sun moved across the sky that all changed.

Lots of shade around the picnic table.  My awning did help some.
Looks nice but can't enjoy it with the high temps.

Over 100 degrees in the shade. 

Why can't we go outside Momi?
Around 4:00 I started to get shade on the other side of the RV.  You would think that with all the trees around there would be lots of shade.

At 6:00 it finally happened.  Now isn't this nice? 

I guess I'm pretty lucky cause look at my neighbors.  Poor things... still no shade for them.

My little babies were so glad to be able to sit outside for a while.

Took my bike and went for a ride to the beach and look what I saw along the way.

This was a baby.

Ahhhh, finally.
It's not the ocean but it's a beach and it will do for now.  Lake Pontchartrain. 
There were some people on the pier so I didn't get to go out over the water.  Maybe in the morning.
This sure felt good.
It appears that I will have a nice shady spot until noon and then shade again at 6:00.  We would just have to stay indoors for 6 hours.  That's not so bad.  Yeah right.   
Camping in July... what was I thinking?
I'll probably go home tomorrow and not worry about the 2 reserved days I have left. 
I really like this park and will plan to return this winter.  The bike trails are great. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Lazy day today.  Took many short walks with the dogs and was glad to get back inside the cool RV.  Watched a couple of movies, took a short nap, and read some.  Rode my bike this evening when the sun was blocked by the trees. 

I had forgotten about the road that leads to the other side of the park.  Rode my bike there and got some nice shots of the Museum. 

This is actually the back of the house but used as an entrance.
This  is the side of the house.

This is the front of the house facing the river.  Nice summer home, don't you think?
Boy what a view from the front porch.
Every side of this house is beautiful.

Frank Otis, whose family owned Otis Manufacturing in New Orleans, purchased the property from the Houlton family in 1936 and used the residence as a summer home until his death in 1962. He bequeathed the house and 99 acres to the state of Louisiana, requesting it be used for public recreation. The house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.

Cooking chili mac for supper.  The movie tonight is "The Debt."


Enjoying the cooler mornings outside in my chair with the Tzus.  It stays nice until about 2:00 then full sun on us. 

My babies sharing their chair.
Then in the afternoon we move to the boardwalk and enjoy the breeze and the shade.
A nice lady stopped by to talk to us and offered to take our photo.
This site is very spacious.  That whole area is our very own yard.  That's the river on the right.  Took this photo around 7:00 when the whole area is shady.
Relaxing day.  To bed early.

Monday, July 13, 2015


I wanted to go camping and thought that if I stayed away from the beach and went to the woods that I could handle the July heat.  WRONG!

This is my third time at this park and I was lucky to get my favorite spot number 76.  Well, I should say my favorite spot for winter travel.  I have no shade but I can see the river.  Opened my awning but it gives no shade as the sun is shining on the side and casting shade behind the RV.

I walked around and found a few spots with full shade so tomorrow I'll ask if I can move to spot number 78.  Numbers 80 and 82 are also in the shade.

I have had the A/C on since 4:00 and now it's 6:00 and the temp is just getting to 80 degrees.  I placed my windshield covers on, placed a cover on my roof fan, and closed the curtains but it's still hot in here.  Lesson learned... don't go camping in the summer.

Nice spot for cooler weather.

 Cha Bu trying to get into the river.
Taken from the river.  Right near the bath house - around 5:00.
 Shade at last - around 7:30.

Lots of shade on the boardwalk.

The doggies were so happy to be out and about.

There were many boats on the river today.  Some cruising and some enjoying water skiing.
Nice... my style.
Party boat.

Sundown on the Tchefuncte River.
 As I finish this post at 9:00 tonight, the RV is finally down to 70 degrees.  Just the way I like it.

Time for a movie and some popcorn.