Thursday, June 28, 2012


In June of 2012, I began my search for a Class B motorhome.  I love my Class C Coachmen Freedom Express but feel that it is too large a vehicle for my tiny homestead and I can't bear to see it sitting in my driveway in the glaring sun day after day in 100+ degrees.  A Class B could benefit from my carport somewhat and then next year I would invest in a carport cover for it. 

When I first started looking at motorhomes a couple of years ago, I initially wanted a Class B.  I don't know what changed my mind but I purchased my Class C in September of 2010.  Love all of the room and luxury it provides me and my pets while camping.  However, I can't see having two vehicles in my driveway.  My conversion van is 12 years old and gets me around town just fine but it's time to scale down to having only one vehicle that will serve as a get-around as well as a camper.

After weeks of searching the Internet for just the right Class B motorhome, I found it in Gainesville, Florida.  Spoke to the salesman via emails and telephone and he offered me a deal on the $55,000 - 2006 Pleasure Way I wanted.  He will take my Coachmen as a trade-in plus $10,000 cash as they do not offer financing.  I gave it some serious thought and looked at blue book values of my coach as well as the Pleasure Way and I think this is a pretty good deal, however I would like something a little less expensive.

Some weeks later, that unit sold and I was so disappointed.  Then another blue and white Pleasure Way (2005) was listed on their inventory at a lower price so I called the dealer right away and expressed my interest. 

Now I am planning a trip to Florida in order to see the unit and if I like it - will drive it home.

I plan to sell my 2000 Dodge conversion van for $5,000 and use that money to help close the deal on the unit in Florida. 
I always knew that I would sell the Coachmen and eventually purchase a forever vehicle to last me to my end days.  I just didn't think it would happen this soon.

The photo above is from the dealership's website.  I painted in the words until I can have it in my driveway and put my own touches to it, this will do for now.