Saturday, March 22, 2014

Four Sunny Days At The Beach - Then Rain Came

Just returned from the Grand Isle State Park where we had lots of fun riding the bike and pulling the doggie cart all over the beach.

It's really hard to pack everything into the Class B but I managed to get the folding bike, doggie cart, small table, 2 chairs, and ground mat into the RV.

We had this huge stretch of beach all to ourselves.

I love sitting on the fishing pier.  On this day, we saw many dolphins swimming and playing in the water.

My little darlings.

We had some boiled shrimp and potatoes and onions.

Then it was nap time.

We'll be going back at the end of next month.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


My friend and neighbor Carolyn and I went to the night parade last night and took the doggies along in the motorhome.  This is our 3rd year and we've been lucky every year to find a place to park the RV close to the parade route.  I parked with the back windows facing the highway.  We had pizza and beer, champagne to cleanse the palate, and for dessert we bought a daiquiri from the shop nearby.

Could I have parked any closer to the Trolly Bar?  It was parked in the parking lot of the Daiquiri Shop.  They were serving food as well.

Cha Bu, Xi Shi, and Prince, our little darlings, enjoying their time at the parade.

We watched the parade from inside until number 14 then got out and stood along the highway to catch some beads from a friend of Carolyn's who was riding on that float.  We returned to the motorhome and enjoyed the rest of the parade in comfort.

The crowd of revelers was pretty well behaved but it was too crowded for me to want to stay out for any length of time.

We all had a good time and arrived home safely after riding in bumper to bumper traffic for a good while.  We're expecting rain again but Mardi Gras day should be dry.  I may try and make that parade as well.