Friday, October 31, 2014


Packed the RV with drinks and some snacks and the Tzus and headed to my friend Sylvia's house in Golden Meadow.  She knew some oyster fishermen that would have shells I could ask for to do some more craft work.

While down there I placed some new flowers on the tomb of my parents and then we headed for the oyster shack.  There was a pickup truck filled with sacks of oysters and they said I could take what I wanted.  I looked at the truck and said that I only wanted shells and not oysters.  The guy told me that those were only shells and had already been shucked.  "Wow, what are you going to do with all those shells?" I asked.  He explained that they dump them on land that they own.

So I took the small trash can out of the RV and went to work filling it up.  We only looked in one of the many sacks and I found some nice ones.  Then another fellow walked up to me and handed me some really large shells from his yard and I was thrilled.  That is what I was hoping to find.  They are so much easier to work with.  So Sylvia and I thanked them for their generosity and we left.

They are pretty dirty and stink.  I usually soak them in bleach and detergent then prime them with white paint then use metallic paint of different colors.

That three cluster shell will be fun to work with.

This is what I do with them.  Some are perfect for holding small items like jewelry.  I've made over 30 decorative shells.  Some turned out so nice that I'm keeping them.  I'll sell the rest at my next sale.

This really large one is a keeper.  It sits on my desk with scented candles.

Here are some that are perfect for holding votive candles.

With the smaller ones I make wind chimes.

We arrived at her daughter's house where they were preparing for a Halloween party.  Sylvia enjoyed putting makeup on her grand daughter Bailey and I played with the dog Chili.  Chili was my first overnight client at my K-Nine Bungalow Pet Sitting Service.   She sure has grown.

Bailey and Sylvia.

This is what she looks like now.

This is what she looked like when I cared for her.  She was just a baby.

They were both dressed as lady bugs.

The poor little doggie's head gear kept falling onto her face.  It was so funny.

I really enjoyed my visit and hope to see them all again soon.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


We finally got our first cool spell and I packed up the doggies and supplies and headed to the beach.  It was a long hot summer and I stayed indoors most of the time.  Completed a lot of artwork in that time so it was enjoyable.  However, now it's my favorite time of the year to go camping.  So here I am at the beach for a few days.

When I pulled into Pat's compound on Grand Isle I had trouble positioning my camper in my usual spot.  After several tries I decided to turn around and start over again.  I drove into his back field and started to make a wide turn when my wheels started to spin and sink into the wet ground.  There I was... stuck in the mud.  Pat came running and yelling for me not to spin my wheels any more and that he would try to pull me out with his 4 wheeler.

He connected a chain and then took a good look at how deep I was sunk in.  He decided that it would be best to jack up the tires and place some wood under for traction.  So for the next hour he tried but with no success.  I suggested he just try to pull me out with the 4 wheeler but he didn't think it would work.  Finally I convinced him to call a tow truck.   After giving it some thought he agreed to try pulling me out himself.  I put the shift in low gear and gave it some gas and he pulled me with the 4 wheeler and out I came from the rut.  I was so relieved.

Then we started to do the checkup on my air bags and they were completely deflated which is what I expected.  Put 50 pounds in each one and also filled my tires.  Taking care of my problems pretty much took up most of the afternoon.

That night he fried some fish and invited me and another couple over.  It was a delicious meal with home made pie for dessert.

The doggies were well behaved on this trip.  I even let Cha Bu off leash in Pat's yard and she went crazy.  I swear I could hear her say, "I'm free...I'm free" as she ran around the grounds.

Here she is ready to pounce when she sees the wild turkeys in the yard.

The next day I went to the beach next to the marina and picked up some drift wood to decorate and sell.

The doggies had a good time smelling around the rocks.

 Then went to the marina and bought a dozen live crabs and Pat boiled them for our lunch.

Pat loves to collect fun things for his deck and this is his latest.

Then we went for a ride in his 4 wheeler to look for some oyster shells for me to paint.  We found about 30 which will keep me busy for a while.

Notice that really large shell next to the regular ones.

The next day I just relaxed and enjoyed a gin and tonic with Pat in his outdoor kitchen under the oaks before packing up to go to the state park.

Thanks Pat, for all you do for me.

Couldn't get my usual spot #29 but was next to it.

I was a little late for this sunrise but it was still real early for me.  I like to sleep late.

I was pleased to see how clear the water was.  It's never this clear.

I set up my chair and was enjoying my Coastal Living Magazine when I noticed something moving in the water in front of me.

 WOW... that dolphin is swimming so close to shore in about knee deep water.  I jumped off of my chair and grabbed my phone to take some photos of it.  Ran into the water and tried to make loud splashing sounds with my feet as I approached the dolphin.  It was hard to keep up with it but I continued to follow along side as it swam along the water's edge.  Finally gave up my chase and returned to my magazine.

A few minutes later, there it was again swimming back the opposite direction.   Ran back into the water and got even closer this time and tried to keep up.  

Then suddenly it stopped right in front of me and changed direction.  Now it's coming straight at me.  I stopped splashing and stood still thinking whether or not I should run out of the water.  

It stopped for a while then turned and continued on it's journey.  I called out to it and splashed some more but it kept going further away from me.

I was so mad at myself for being afraid.  I wish I had gone towards it when it approached me, but that thing was huge and intimidating - and also beautiful and magnificent.

So for a little while, I swam with a dolphin.  What a treat.

Sitting at our favorite picnic table at the beach.

All in all, it was a good trip.