Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It's 30 degrees here at home in Houma and the low is expected to be 26 degrees tonight and tomorrow night.  The temp gauge in my RV reads 32 degrees at 6:00pm tonight and there is ice forming on the outside of the motorhome.  I poured a little anti freeze down the drains in the RV and hope nothing breaks.

Ice forming on the roof top A/C.

My upstair's awning.

My backyard palm trees.

Ice tips

My poor palms are looking pretty sad with frozen fronds suffered from the last few freezes we've had here recently.  I planted these trees 14 years ago and have never had them freeze like this. 

Tonight and tomorrow night are to be the worst so I expect lots more ice on everything.  Just hope the power doesn't go out.

Stay warm ya'll.


Sunday, January 19, 2014


It took me awhile to figure out how to add a second shower curtain to protect the side wall of the bathroom but I did it.  VELCRO rules!!

Not sure how folks who own camper vans shower in this set up as there is no protection on the side wall of the RV.  I used Velcro to adhere a second curtain which runs all the way to meet the other curtain. 

Then I rolled it up and used a tie back to hold it in place.

You can see here how it is taped along the side and back wall.  I used some white ribbon to tie both curtains back out of the way.

I found some really pretty material on sale and made 4 curtains for $15.00.  I can see out but no one can see in.

How it looks when it is down.

How it looks when it is tied up.

I even made one for the entry door.

Rolled up and tied back.

I made a small cover for the metal blinds in the kitchen with a different material.

Here is a night photo where we have the blue privacy curtains drawn and the lace curtains pulled up and tied.  I like having a touch of lace in the decor. 

Look who hitched a ride with us this week.  He traveled all the way from China and it took a 30 day boat ride to get to the US.  Now he will be traveling with us on our camping trips.  His name is Jacques and he likes the dash. 

That's all the decorating I'm going to do.  I'm waiting for the weather to be consistent for a week with no rain then I'm heading to the beach.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


A few days ago I began my search for a trailer hitch for the Pleasure Way.  Each place I contacted informed me that they could not do the job and referred me to someone else.  After 4 attempts, I finally found someone who took my VIN number and said that they could indeed get me a hitch for my particular van, however they were not sure if they would be able to install it and I would have to talk to the service department.  I'm still waiting for that return call.

I did find the cargo carrier I want.  It's a basket with a top and comes with a zippered liner.  It's large enough to hold my folding bike and doggie cart and the cost is $404.00 with free delivery.

Went to the State Farm Insurance office to transfer my policy to the new RV.  Was informed that the insurance carrier does not recognize this RV as a motorhome but as a van for personal use.  OK, that's fine with me.  Also was informed that according to my VIN number, the 10th digit of the VIN indicates the year of the vehicle.  My vehicle is not a 2005 but a 2004.  It was suggested that perhaps the vehicle was made at the end of 2004 and presented in 2005.  OK, so it's a year older than I thought.

I still have to go to the DMV which I am dreading due to the long waits.

I have been adding some personal touches to the van and enjoy driving it around town.  It's nice to be able to back up and actually see where you are going by looking out of the windows.  Couldn't do that in the Class C.

I set up the table to see what it would do to the space and I think I'll leave it up.  I can still use the fireplace as the table post fits just right in front of it.  I added a surge protector (located on the side of my bed) to enable me to plug in the lamp, fireplace, computer, and heating pad for my back.  All the comforts of home.

I'm not able to hang all of the things I had in the Class C but I did find room for the mermaid.

This is before I put up the table and planned to use the lap tray. 

My cute little kitchen.

There's room for all of my things.  Love the drawers, which I didn't have in the Class C. 

I clipped the trash basket to the railing and was also able to store my clothes hamper against the wall.

I was able to hang my Mardi Gras mask and use the over the door hooks for my scarves.

This is the sofa.

This is my bed.  I removed the lap tray and will collapse the tray above it to give me more room.  I have since placed the floor table in front of the fireplace for my eating use and computer use.

With floor table added.

The light blue bedding looks nice and is very soothing to me.

My cute little refrigerator.

The fireplace.

Room for the doggie bowls.  I also have 2 drawers for the kitchen.  One is for utensils and one is my tool drawer.

I placed a layer of blue rugs then covered them with these white rugs.  It helps keep the floor warm and can be easily washed if the doggies have an accident.... which they did on this trip.

The doggies still have their beds on the passenger seat.  I like the idea of these seats swiveling but don't think I will be doing that.  The eating and sitting area is going to be in the rear of the van.

The convection microwave oven.  It takes an engineering degree to operate. 

Room for my toaster and can opener.  I love the spice rack for all my Louisiana Cajun spices.

I have so much more room in my driveway.  The Pleasure Way is 9 feet tall and my deck is 8 feet so I can only pull under a few feet.  My conversion van fits nicely under the deck.  I do have a cover for the camper.

I've been practicing my card reading as it has been some years since I dabbled with it.

This self-reading was pretty close to what I was experiencing.  Mostly positive, as was my mood this whole weekend.

Mardi Gras is our next Holiday and I've done a little decorating for it.

Love this mask.

I'm really enjoying this camper and I was very comfy and cozy in my Pleasure Way Van on this short trip to Madisonville, LA.    Looking forward to the next one.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Today I left the doggies in the motorhome and went to the Madisonville Museum and afterwards to lunch at a wonderful restaurant with Chris and Andrea.  We arrived early at the museum that wouldn't open for another hour so we walked around the marina and enjoyed looking at the beautiful yachts.

This was in the marina manager's yard.  Cute frog fishing.  

This was an awesome two masted sailboat. 

I think I could live on this one.

The museum was small but interesting.  The most interesting was the old jail located on the first floor.  The building used to be the Court House.

This is not the first time I've been behind bars but the first time smiling.

He looks real doesn't he.

Interesting documents.

The name of the restaurant was The Water Street Bistro and it was great.

I had the grilled shrimp on baby spinach with lots of extras in the mix.

And I splurged on dessert.

Getting back to my little babies.

Gave them a nice long walk and sat them on this park bench for a photo.  My little cuties.

The sun is setting and it is an end to a wonderful day.