Sunday, January 5, 2014


A few days ago I began my search for a trailer hitch for the Pleasure Way.  Each place I contacted informed me that they could not do the job and referred me to someone else.  After 4 attempts, I finally found someone who took my VIN number and said that they could indeed get me a hitch for my particular van, however they were not sure if they would be able to install it and I would have to talk to the service department.  I'm still waiting for that return call.

I did find the cargo carrier I want.  It's a basket with a top and comes with a zippered liner.  It's large enough to hold my folding bike and doggie cart and the cost is $404.00 with free delivery.

Went to the State Farm Insurance office to transfer my policy to the new RV.  Was informed that the insurance carrier does not recognize this RV as a motorhome but as a van for personal use.  OK, that's fine with me.  Also was informed that according to my VIN number, the 10th digit of the VIN indicates the year of the vehicle.  My vehicle is not a 2005 but a 2004.  It was suggested that perhaps the vehicle was made at the end of 2004 and presented in 2005.  OK, so it's a year older than I thought.

I still have to go to the DMV which I am dreading due to the long waits.

I have been adding some personal touches to the van and enjoy driving it around town.  It's nice to be able to back up and actually see where you are going by looking out of the windows.  Couldn't do that in the Class C.

I set up the table to see what it would do to the space and I think I'll leave it up.  I can still use the fireplace as the table post fits just right in front of it.  I added a surge protector (located on the side of my bed) to enable me to plug in the lamp, fireplace, computer, and heating pad for my back.  All the comforts of home.

I'm not able to hang all of the things I had in the Class C but I did find room for the mermaid.

This is before I put up the table and planned to use the lap tray. 

My cute little kitchen.

There's room for all of my things.  Love the drawers, which I didn't have in the Class C. 

I clipped the trash basket to the railing and was also able to store my clothes hamper against the wall.

I was able to hang my Mardi Gras mask and use the over the door hooks for my scarves.

This is the sofa.

This is my bed.  I removed the lap tray and will collapse the tray above it to give me more room.  I have since placed the floor table in front of the fireplace for my eating use and computer use.

With floor table added.

The light blue bedding looks nice and is very soothing to me.

My cute little refrigerator.

The fireplace.

Room for the doggie bowls.  I also have 2 drawers for the kitchen.  One is for utensils and one is my tool drawer.

I placed a layer of blue rugs then covered them with these white rugs.  It helps keep the floor warm and can be easily washed if the doggies have an accident.... which they did on this trip.

The doggies still have their beds on the passenger seat.  I like the idea of these seats swiveling but don't think I will be doing that.  The eating and sitting area is going to be in the rear of the van.

The convection microwave oven.  It takes an engineering degree to operate. 

Room for my toaster and can opener.  I love the spice rack for all my Louisiana Cajun spices.

I have so much more room in my driveway.  The Pleasure Way is 9 feet tall and my deck is 8 feet so I can only pull under a few feet.  My conversion van fits nicely under the deck.  I do have a cover for the camper.

I've been practicing my card reading as it has been some years since I dabbled with it.

This self-reading was pretty close to what I was experiencing.  Mostly positive, as was my mood this whole weekend.

Mardi Gras is our next Holiday and I've done a little decorating for it.

Love this mask.

I'm really enjoying this camper and I was very comfy and cozy in my Pleasure Way Van on this short trip to Madisonville, LA.    Looking forward to the next one.


  1. It is amazing what you can do in the allotted have a great "eye"!

  2. Thannks Chris. I'm really enjoying this camper.

  3. Hi Melissa... I'm having a blast!

  4. I would never have thought to put a fireplace in my van! Class Bs have some confusion over the year. Mine is tagged as a 2006 motorhome but it is built on a 2005 van. When dealing with the engine, I must look at 2005. The cabin build out is the 2006 model. I guess different states have different classifications. Mine was last registered in LA before I bought it.

    I use hooks all over my van and consider them absolutely essential. Lots of over the cabinet ones and then I screwed hooks into every vertical screw I could find. In a tiny space, they are super handy.

    A convection microwave! I've been thinking that would be a good choice as my van does not have an oven of any sort except the microwave and I like to roast things.

    My van has that fold up counter too. I finally took it off as I just don't use it. I use one of those dish drying pads and just lay it over the end of the bed when I need it. I got a small folding table I stash behind the driver's seat to have more landing space but haven't used that either. Funny how you think you need something and you just don't really.

    1. Hi Mary... I was told that my camper is considered a van for personal use and not a motorhome. Not sure what the DMV is going to say about the two different years on this camper. As soon as I get the title I will go to the DMV and apply for a plate.

      I have disovered velcro and am using it on everything. It's perfect. The 3m stickers didn't hold some of the things I wanted to hang.

      As for the convection/microwave, I have decided to heat my water for my coffee in the coffee maker that is installed in the van. I don't drink regular coffee so didn't think I'd use the machine but it will be easier to heat water than the microwave which prompts so many times for directions that it is an aggravation. I am hoping in time that I will learn how to use it.

  5. You might want to check with another insurance company. Our Sportsmobile campervan is insured as an RV through State Farm. Surely your much better equipped camper would qualify. At least ask to speak to a supervisor at your present company. Maybe the person you asked was uninformed on the subject.

    1. Hi Judilyn... my local State Farm agent checked on this matter and it is not recognized as a motorhome which is fine with me. It changes nothing in my insurance benefits so no problem.

  6. Your home is wonderful....after seeing it I am wondering if
    I would not be better this time in my life ...with something
    like it ...oh glad you are on the road again...
    don't for get if you make it to Florida...we need a get together...donna and maggie

    1. Hi Donna... I love my Pleasure Way Class B camper van and feel so much more confident driving it and parking it just about anywhere. Some folks think it is just a large van and don't realize that it has a bathroom and kitchen. This floor plan is exactly what I wanted and offers the most floor space over the other Pleasure Way vans I looked at.

      I will be going to Florida again but not sure when. I want to travel up the eastern coast and visit the beaches. Maybe in the Spring.

      Good to hear from you.

  7. Hey there! I'm not really sure what I searched to find your blog but here I am and I'm so glad I did. I live on the road full time in a camper van with my 6 cats. The reason the dtes on your vehicle are different when the VIN is pulled is because the van blank is made in one place and then the RV company that converts the van adds another date. At least that's how it was explained to me when I bought my 1987 camper van and had to replace some parts that went to the 86 model year. I'll be linking to your page from mine and maybe our travel paths will cross :)

    1. Hi Cherry... Thanks for the info. Someone else has recently explained this to me.