Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Surfside Beach to Magnolia Beach, Texas

Lots of campers here today.

Another stressful day for me.  Started out great.  Had a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs and coffee.  Then it went down hill from there.

I noticed that my water pump kept coming on and off which is what it does when water is being used.  Went outside to check and there was lots of water under my RV.  Looked for the source and found it.  Water was dripping from the outside shower which is where I cleaned off the dogs yesterday afternoon after their swim.  I turned off the hose but not the faucet which is what leaked.  So the water had been dripping all night.  I checked my wall panel and it was marking half full.  That's a lot of water lost out of my fresh water tank.  I hooked up the water hose and filled the tank again.  One down... more to go.   

Then I walked the dogs in a grassy area as I did not want to take them back to the beach to get full of sand again and was planning an early departure after their potty walk.  Well, I forgot about the burrs in the grass here in Texas and all of a sudden neither one wanted to walk and were holding up their paws.  So pitiful.  I tried to remove the burrs but there were so many that I just carried the dogs back to the RV where I removed them all.  My poor babies.

Now I'm ready to break camp and turn off the A/C and pick up the electrical cord and water hose, etc.  While I'm outside walking from storage bin to storage bin, I placed my keys down inside the RV and left the door open.  When I was finished and all storage bins were locked, I locked and closed the RV door.  Yes, you guessed it.  I locked myself out... once again.  My keys, phone, and my babies were all inside with no air and it was hot.

The park manager does not stay onsite but has his phone number on the office door if anyone needs him.  Well, I didn't have a phone.  Just at this time, as I was about to freak out, the fellow next door came out of his RV and I told him what happened.  He offered his cell phone but I could not see the screen without my glasses which were in the RV so he did it all for me.  He called the manager who called the Locksmith who was there within 30 minutes.  It took him 30 seconds to open the door.  Fifty dollars later I'm on the road again.  

The night before, the park manager only charged my half price for the spot - $20.  I was so pleased that I saved all that money.  Well, now it cost me $70 for a one night stay.   

Left Surfside Beach at 11:00 this morning and arrived at Magnolia Beach at 2:00 this afternoon.
 The wind gusts were pretty strong today but no rain.  Still had trouble keeping my RV in my lane.  I just want to stay in bed for a week. I'm wasted.  I feel like I've been beat up and every muscle in my body hurts.  The chest pains finally let up.  The stress is killing me.

I did experience some joy today when I watched my little Cha Bu run into the Bay and wasn't afraid.  She kept going in and coming out.  I'm starting to think it's the wave action of the Gulf that scares her but she likes the Bay.  It's a shell beach here so not a lot of cleaning up to do to their feet.  

After their swim.

I'm running the generator now for A/C as it is hot.  Not sure if I will run it all night.  Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler.  I'll be leaving early in the morning after breakfast.   


  1. What a bummer of a trip you had I hope it turns out a lot better for the rest of it your fur babies sure are enjoying that water I'm ready to head out to Silver Springs State Park here in Florida for a few days with the Women RV girls... I need a break...donna

    1. Hi Donna, I'm hoping things get better when I get to Port Aransas. You sure have been keeping busy. Enjoy your break.

  2. No fun at all when things go south. So sorry. Funny you talking about running the a/c and here I am in S. NM running my heater. Expect high 20's tonight. I don't really mind as long as my pipes don't freeze and it doesn't snow. I thought Shih Tzu's didn't like water. My half Tsu sure doesn't, will even walk around a puddle. Finally is tolerating a bath. Hugs!

    1. Hi Chris, Last night a front came through and now it's in the 60s. I like that. A bit too windy for me but it will be letting up soon. The bay looks like the Gulf it is so rough. I dread getting on the road this morning as it is still blowing at around 20mph. Yes, my little doggies like the water. They may not be able to get to go swimming again as the temps are too cold. Stay warm.