Thursday, November 24, 2016


Well, after postponing two times, I am now packing the RV for my trip to Port Aransas.  Will be leaving this Sunday - two weeks past my original departure date.  Medical issues as usual.

I have decided not to take the cats along.  My trip has been cut short due to the late departure and a previously booked dog sitting job beginning on December 16th.  So I won't be gone for the 4 weeks that I had planned.  The cats will be fine with the several containers of food and water I will leave for them. 

It's been a long hot summer and I'm so ready for a vacation at the beach. It's been 7 months since I've been camping.  This will be the first extended trip in my Class B camper van.  I'm finding it difficult to bring the amount of supplies I used to bring in my Class C which had a large refrigerator/freezer as well as cabinets.  I will just have to make more trips to the grocery store.  I have packed so much into the van that I'm sure I'm over my weight limit.

I won't be bringing my electric bike or doggie carriage on this trip.  Plan on doing a lot of walking which my dogs and I desperately need.  

When I get back, and finish the sitting job, I'll be going to the Grand Isle State Park for a week or so.  That's where I enjoy riding my bike and toting the dogs along in their little red cart.

Looking forward to hearing the roar of the Gulf as I fall asleep in my RV near the shoreline.  There's nothing like it.  Texas, here I come.

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