Saturday, December 3, 2016


Cold front came through last night.  It's now in the 50s and wind blowing about 18mph. 

I put them on the table because the wind was blowing the sand in their eyes.  It's really blowing on the beach.

Lots of activities at the pier.  There were also several surfers out today.

Took a ride to Alister Street to my favorite shop and bought a few things.  Then to the IGA for some items I ran out of.  Got some Bar-B-Q ribs and a bag of chips for lunch and parked on the beach to enjoy.

Parked near the roadway.  The beach was covered at high tide and looked a little soft to me. 

Cha Bu enjoying herself.

We're back at the park and putting on our winter clothes as the temp is dropping.  Tonight I'll be cooking pork chops and green beans and rice.  Will be watching "Meet the Fockers" later tonight.

Cha Bu looking for little doggies.

 Had a relaxing day.

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