Thursday, December 8, 2016


Left Sam Houston Jones State Park at 10:00 this morning and arrived home at 2:00 this afternoon.  Stopped for a short lunch break and had some Popeye's Chicken in Lafayette.

The wind was blowing hard again and blew me into the next lane several times.  It was really gusty at about 27 miles per hour.  On top of that, the large 18 wheelers would pass me by and cause a gust of wind themselves.  Then when they would get in front of me I would feel their windy wake which tossed me around like a snake.  I had to put up with that for about two hours and then it started to rain.  So now there is more to hinder my safe driving.  I held the steering wheel so tight, at times I could no longer feel my hands.  My whole body was so tense and now sore as though I've been beat up.  I've never been so happy to get home.

My Texas trip did not go as planned but I'm still glad I went.  However, I won't be going back.  After having enjoyed Port Aransas on three different trips, I think I've had my fill.  The drive is just too long.  My small Class B is not very comfortable for long extended trips.  Too much to do to keep it functioning.  Tanks are small and need dumping every 3 days, as well as taking on fresh water.  I'll just enjoy it for small trips here locally.  I have no desire to leave the state any longer.

I have come to realize that I am not an RVer but a camper.  I like to put my rug out, my chairs out, my table out, open the awning, cook outside, read a book outside, etc.  I don't like to drive especially the Interstate roads.  So I'm a camper and I will do lots more camping.  However, I'll be doing it within an hour or two of my house.

I just had a nice long hot soak in my tub and a glass of wine.  Now I'm going to order some food from Applebee's and enjoy my supper in front of the fireplace.  My little doggies are also so happy to be back home.  They ran in the house and picked up some of their toys and ran into every room as if to check to see if they were really home.  Poor little babies.  Cha Bu was sick the first 8 days of the trip.  She does not like the RV.

Click the link to see just how happy my doggies were to be home.

Travel Expenses for 12 day trip:

Fuel --------- $203.97
RV parks --- $252.00 including locksmith
Food -------- $248.97 including souvenirs
TOTAL ---- $704.94


  1. Found u again!! And you were at the beach in Texas!! Fun. You know I decided that too, It was just too hard driving that big RV and all the water and heat and sewer 'stuff' and hooking up the pick up and watching trucks coming up behind me and the wind, too, too much, the RV is for sale and I have a cozy little home that I enjoy fixing up and changing around and doing for. I am just home body.!! Will go place and motel it and drive in the Element!! The doggies looked like what the heck in that wind!!!

    1. Hi Luci and Loree... I don't post much because I don't go camping in the summer. And now I have decided that I'll just enjoy the RV for short trips in the winter and spring. I live an hour and a half from the Gulf and will be happy to just go camping there. Good to hear from you.