Friday, December 2, 2016


The RV park is filling up and I've seen a couple of single travelers but not met them yet.  We all seem to be staying indoors during this dreary day.

Woke up at 5:30 this morning which is unusual for me.  I like to sleep late and so do the dogs.  If I could just stay up longer at night but lately I fall asleep before 9:00pm.  

Left the park at 7:30 this morning to park on the beach.  Cooked my breakfast there - then walked the dogs several times.  It is very overcast and gloomy today.  No sunshine.  However, I enjoyed reclining on my bed and looking out the window at the surf.  The sound is wonderful.  Very relaxing.  Played my Ukulele for the first time in awhile.  But mostly, I just chilled.

No sun today.  

Great view out my door.

Before returning to the park, I rode by the rock jetties where there was a guy paragliding.

Not many fishing on the Rock Jetties today.

Cooked a hamburger spaghetti last night and had leftovers today for lunch, back at the park.  Tried to wash off the dogs to get some of the sand out of their long hair.  They are starting to stink and really need a bath.  I wonder if I could sneak them into the bath house???

Last night I used my RV shower for the first time.  I like having all my bath items handy but boy was it a tight fit.  I hung a second shower curtain against the wall to cover the window.  All in all, not a bad experience.  I knew I had to dump my grey water tank so I used all the water I wanted.  I also refilled my fresh water tank afterwards.  

I'm going to take advantage of the next few cloudy days to just relax and read and watch movies.  I have a hard time doing nothing although I think sometimes that is what I need to do... nothing.  So I'm going to give myself permission to do just that.  When the sun comes back I'll be enjoying the beach with my little doggies again.

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