Friday, May 2, 2014


Loaded up the Pleasure Way with items for the Grand Isle Island Wide Garage Sale to be held at the end of this month and took them to my friend Pat's house on the island.  He will store the boxes for me in one of his sheds.  When I return on the 23rd for the sale, I'll be bringing another load with me.  I have so much stuff to sell that it will take two loads.

After unloading the RV and visiting with Pat for awhile, I checked into the State Park for 3 nights.  The RV was so full this trip that I was not able to bring my bike or doggie cart.  I did manage to pack the beach cart as it is light weight and folds down.  Before I got the electric bike, this was the way we got around the beach with our chairs and ice chest.  I only had one Shih Tzu at the time so she would ride in the netting part of the cart along with the 2 beach chairs.  

Today, I put the smaller dog in the top portion and Xi Shi in the bottom netting.  I was able to hang the beach chair and ice chest on the handles and off we went to the town beach off of the State Park.  There are still signs up stating No Dogs Allowed On Beach.... crap... so we had to make that long trek down the beach.

We had a nice time but boy was it hard to push that beach cart through soft sand.  To get off the park onto the town beach is about half a mile.  I didn't realize how out of shape I am in.  I was heaving and out of breath half way there.  Of course, I should remember that I'm pushing two dogs now so the load is heavier.

Little Cha Bu had never ridden in the beach cart and couldn't wait to jump out of it.  There was no zippered enclosure to hold her in as there is in the red doggie cart so she knew she could jump out.  However, she enjoyed the ride but when we got to our spot she could't wait for me to pick her up and she jumped out.  That's a pretty high perch she jumped from but I didn't think she would do it so I wasn't looking when she jumped.

She is thinking how she can stand up and then jump out.

Thinking ... is this too high for me to jump?

Thinking... am I going to get the command to jump from Momi?

She jumped right after I took this photo.  She's a spunky one.

Nap time.


  1. Here I am thinking, now why doesn't Linda tether those pups to the cart and let them pull it thru the sand?? Or at least have them walk alongside? Or am I just being too practical? You sure spoil them my friend.

    1. Hi Chris... I'd love to have them pull the cart but the park does not allow dogs on the beach. That's why I have to cart them off the park and onto the town beach. This park just got a new manager and I'm hoping that he changes the policy about pets on the beach. If not, I'll just keep on carting them around. It is pretty easy with my electric bike which is truly missed on this trip.

      So good to hear from you. Think of you often and hope you are healing from your recent loss. {{{hugs}}}