Monday, May 26, 2014


Arrived at my friend Pat's house and he helped me get situated in his yard.  We removed my second load of things to sell and placed them in one of his storage sheds.  I carried 6 boxes with me this trip and had previously stored about the same amount at his house on my last trip to the island.

Took out the folding bike and doggie cart and put them in his garage.   Now I had room to move around the RV.  We put down the ground matts and he loaned me some tables to display some of my artwork.  He also put out two fans to help keep things cool.

 I blew up some colorful balloons and tied them to my awning.  Also put up my easels.  The rest of the set up will be done the morning of the sale.

Now it was time to chill and have a visit with Pat and his friend Elaine.  They decided to boil some shrimp and invited me to join them in the outside kitchen.  Some of their friends came by and I had a nice time.  The shrimp were delicious.

Dancing for shrimp.

My babies were patiently waiting for my return to the RV.


Woke up at 6:00 and ate a quick breakfast then started to unload all of my boxes.  Around 7:30 a customer drove up but I had to tell her to return at 8:00 when the sale was to begin.  

I had canvas paintings, fine art prints, pillows, DVD movies, clothes, and books I have written.

I don't know how many DVDs were in that box but they all sold for 2 for a dollar.

Right at 8:00, just when I finished placing all items and putting up my signs, the first customer showed up. 

I couldn't believe that my Rou Garou of Mandalay Swamp was my first sale of the day.  The lady is from Baton Rouge and just loved it.  I had almost decided not to sell it because it is one of my favorites but I will have to paint another one for me.

I sold 17 canvas paintings, 14 books, all the pillows, clothes, and all the DVDs.

There was always a customer in my booth from 8:00 to 2:00 when it usually slows down. 

The sale ended at 3:00.... and I was exhausted.  

I counted my cash box and it came out to $1000.00.  The best I've ever done.  That's the good news.  Now for the bad.

Right around lunch time I could feel my blood sugar dropping so I asked Pat to watch the booth so I could go into the RV to get something to eat.  I pulled on the door and guess what.  Yes, I was locked out!  The dogs had hung around the passenger window in order to see me and had hit the door lock button.  

Then my stress level rose and my blood sugar fell quickly.  Pat went to his house to make me a sandwich and call the lock smith.  While I ate my sandwich Pat tried to use a tool he had made to unlock the door.  Well, after several tries the tool fell into the door and that is where it will stay as I am not taking the door apart to get it out.

The locksmith came over within minutes and had the door opened in seconds at a charge of $75.00 and with tax it was $81.00.  That put a dent into my haul for the day. 

Xi Shi Quan spent most of the day leaning on the door so she could see me.  I wasn't mad at her but boy was I angry with myself.  I swore a long time ago that I would never leave the keys inside the RV when I am outside.  Not sure what I was thinking on this day to do that.

When everyone left and I had picked up all of the remaining items, I went up the street and bought some fried chicken and had a nice supper then watched a movie and slept till 10:00 the next morning.  I was

I sat outside under the awning and had my morning coffee when out comes Pat from his house with a covered plate of food for me.  Pancakes and sausage... great breakfast, it was delicious.  

Thanks Pat.  You're the greatest.


Now I'm at the Grand Isle State Park and will spend the rest of the week here.

Doggies sharing a chair.

Purchased a new windshield cover and boy does it make a difference inside the RV.  It's the one with the screens and I just love it.

Packed up the doggies in their cart and rode the electric bike out to the pier this morning.

Took them off leash and let them walk freely.  They were well behaved and came to me when I called them.

Trawling boats fishing near the beach.

I counted 20 boats fishing right off the beach.

This afternoon we're going to ride the bike off of the park and onto the town beach so the doggies can play in the water.

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