Saturday, May 3, 2014


I didn't feel like toting the doggies to the beach today so just walked them around the park a couple of times.  I did go alone to sit for awhile by the breaking waves this morning and read my Coastal Living Magazine. Later this afternoon I stayed in and watched some movies and napped.

When the sun was setting I took the dogs to the covered deck near the bath house and we sat for a time and looked out over the beach where there were a few tenters and some folks walking along the shoreline.  Very nice.  It was windy and that helped blow the gnats away.  They are really bad this week.

The campground is packed today and lots of kids running around and parents playing loud music.  Not what I like at all.  I prefer to camp here in the winter when it is quiet.

My beautiful Xi Shi Quan.

Precious Cha Bu Khan.

We're going home tomorrow but will be back in a few weeks.  I reserved 4 days at the end of May.  Probably will be my last trip here as I don't like to camp in the hot summer months.


  1. Oh how I long to be near water. Your pictures are great. I don't like camping where there is lots of noise, kids and adults who make more noise than kids. I camp for peace and quiet with nature.

    1. Hi JO... I'm with you on the peace and quiet with nature. I'm a beach person and love camping at the Grand Isle State Park which is very quiet during the winter months. I tend to stay away during the summer.