Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Had to break camp this morning to go and dump my tanks.  A bit inconvenient as I had to close the awning, remove the windshield cover, unhook the electric and water hose, and move my chairs out of the way.  My control panel reading is not accurate so I felt I should empty the tanks every 3 days, just to be safe.  I'm going home in 3 days so I'm good for now.

Went alone to the beach today.  Rode my bike around and then parked by a picnic table that had been dragged near the water's edge.  Perfect spot.  I set  up my chair and propped my feet up on the table and read my June issue of Coastal Living Magazine.  It was really windy and I was glad that it blew the bugs away.  Didn't get bit by any sandflies... not once.

The Gulf was rough and roared loudly.  There were many seagulls gathering on a section of beach and when they took off into the air it was a sight to see.  Most of the campers have gone and I had the beach all to myself, which I like.

Am getting a good tan and lots of exercise.   Feeling great.

Got back to the RV and the little doggies were so happy to see me.  Got lots of kisses from Cha Bu.

Doggie kisses.

They love to sit on the picnic table and watch people go by. 

Weather forecast gives Thunder Showers so may go home early.  Picked up all the outside stuff and placed everything inside the camper and am now crowded inside with little room to walk.  I didn't want my bike getting wet so it sits in the RV. 

 I still have to stop at Pat's house on my way out to pick up the rest of my left over items from the garage sale.  It's just a few boxes that can fit on the beds. Not as big a load as it was coming over here, so that's good.

Got an email today requesting an appointment to visit my K-Nine Bungalow Pet Sitting Service.  They need a sitter for June 7 - 13.  Really excited about this.  It will be my second overnight sitting job.  My new business is taking off.  Here I go.....


  1. Lovely beach pictures. Sounds like a great get away once again.

    Hope your dog sitting business is a huge success for you. Go Luck!

    1. Hi JO... It's always great to go to the beach. I'm really excited about this new business and think it will be a good way to make some added income. Thanks for stopping by.