Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Took the doggies for a swim this afternoon.  Xi Shi loves the water and gets so excited she runs in circles.  However, Cha Bu is a little afraid of the waves.  I had to coax her into the water and she resisted for a good while.  Eventually she did go into the water on her own.

 They both played together and hopped and jumped on each other.  It was so cute to watch them chase one another.

There was an awful lot of sea weed on the beach today.

Once we got to the bath house I rinsed them off at the outside shower.  They were not happy with me for that.

Poor wet little Cha Bu looks so pitiful.

Xi Shi dried off pretty fast as her hair is cut short.

They had a good time and took a nap when we got back to the RV.

Great day.

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