Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Left my house around 11:00am and arrived at 1:00pm.  Thirty minutes before arriving at the park my little Cha Bu started looking for a place to potty in the van.  I was not able to pull over and had not placed a potty pad on the floor.  She is trained to go on the potty pad and as it is white she looked for the next best thing - my new white bedspread.  She had an upset stomach so the poop was a liquid mess.  So the first thing I had to do when parked was to clean poop.  Sprayed the spot with clorox cleaner and then washed with detergent and put out to dry on the picnic table.

I had been here before back in 2011 so thought it was run the same way.  You pick a spot and the security guard comes over and checks you in.  Not anymore.  They want reservations and you must go to the casino to obtain one if you don't have one.  I parked in site #12 and noticed the phone number on the locked electric box so called it.  Transferred 3 times and still got no answer.  Tried again 3 more times and finally got someone to take my reservation over the phone.  Then a security guard came over to unlock the electric box and had me sign some paperwork.

Corner site - my favorite.

View from my side door.

View from my back door.  That's the casino in the distance. 

That's pretty close to the beach.  Just across the highway.  And it's full hookups.

Once checked in and set up I took the dogs for a walk on the beach.  Made the mistake of letting them walk on the grass which is full of burrs.  Took me 30 minutes to pull them out of their long hair.  We now only walk on the cement and sand and that works out well.

The beach itself is nice soft white sand that they grade daily.  However, near the water's edge it is pretty yukky.  There is ugly slime and foam and some trash.  I didn't let them go into the water like they like to do.

Rode my bike along the sidewalk which is nice.  It doesn't go very far but I enjoyed the ride.  The sand is way to soft to take the bike on the beach so I put it away and we just walked there a few times during the day.

I wanted to take the shuttle to the casino for supper but was so tired decided to cook and stay in the camper for the night.

The next morning the sunrise was beautiful and I was able to get some photos of it.

I was able to lock my bike onto the metal trash bin.

My spot is on the corner and I like it as there is no one to the left of me.  Lots of privacy.  I was going to stay 3 nights but it is reserved for someone else so I will be moving tomorrow to another campground.


  1. Looks nice. I hope you have found a nice cozy place for your next stop

    1. Hi JO. I decided to come home instead. The bugs came out and made it unbearable to be outside. At least I enjoyed my first day there.