Thursday, March 24, 2016


I checked the weather forecast and noticed that we were going to have a couple of days with low temps so decided to make reservations at the State Park in Grand Isle.  The first night was wonderfully cold.  I woke during the night to see my little doggies cuddled together in their bed so placed a cover over them.  Checked the temp and it was 55 degrees inside the RV.  I love the cold and won't sleep with the propane heater on but I was concerned about my little pups.  

Once the sun came up it got nice and cozy inside.  The following day was just right but the mosquitoes were back in the campground and made it impossible to sit outside so I decided to head back to the house and not stay the third day as planned.   Back home now and the temps are getting higher and the A/C is running again.  Not sure if I'll be able to do any further camping till after summer.  I hate the heat.

We enjoyed our rides on the beach and took a lot of them.

Pretty large cut into the beach from the last series of thunderstorms that came through here recently.

Xi Shi heading for the water as usual.

Rode over to the pier and we set up in our favorite spot and I read my Coastal Living magazine and the dogs enjoyed walking off leash. 

Right after this photo was taken people started arriving.  Some to fish and some to watch the dolphins.  Met some folks from New York who were interested in the local culture.  We talked for a long time.

Did some  redecorating in the RV.  
Changed the blue bedspreads to white.   Also removed the electric fireplace.  The added space was really nice.  I opened the top drawer and placed my laptop on it.

Changed the white rugs to blue.  For some reason these changes makes the space look larger... to me anyway.

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