Thursday, April 2, 2015


Packed up the RV and headed to the beach.  We had not been to Grand Isle since December and I was ready for some beach time.

There was a Craft Fair at a little town located just before Grand Isle so I stopped there and met up with some friends.  Had lunch and did some shopping around but didn't buy anything.  Left the fair and headed to my friend Pat's house for a one night stay in his yard.

My electric bike is waiting for a part so I didn't have it with me.  Sure missed riding the beach and pulling my little doggies in their cart.

Spent 3 nights at the State Park and although the weather cooperated the mosquitoes and gnats were horrible.  Didn't get bothered by them on the beach but in the campground it was not pleasant.  Stayed indoors most of the time.

As long as it was windy we could sit outside.

Can you see Cha Bu peeking out?

Took the dogs to the town beach and let them run around.  I took the leash off of Xi Shi as I can trust her to return to me when called.  She had a blast.  At one point she took off and ran right into the water.  I was hoping she wouldn't because she was wearing a sweater and her harness.  I called her out of the water and removed her soaking wet sweater.

Cha Bu didn't go too near the water but enjoyed her time sniffing the sand and trying to chase the birds.  She was also wearing a sweater because since I cut off all of her hair she is always trembling.  Can't wait for it to grow back.  It's giving me a little break from all the grooming but I don't think I'll ever cut her that short again.  And I don't think she likes it either.  Every time her tail touches her hairless behind she snaps at it.  So funny.

Poor little Cha Bu

I enjoyed a solo trip to sit by the breaking waves and read some of my Coastal Living Magazines.  Set up two of my chairs with awnings and stretched out.  It was hot but the wind was blowing strong and it kept me cool.  I really enjoy this alone time by the water's edge.  Stayed a few hours.

My happy place.

Xi Shi enjoying the picnic table at the pavilion. 

Cha Bu - always giving me kisses.

Cha Bu is so cute when she sleeps.

Left the campground to return home and stopped at Pat's house again for him to check the air pressure in my air bags.  Sure enough, they were empty.  He filled them to 50 pounds each and I was on my way.  Not sure why the air escapes but I guess I'll have to fill them every year.

There were many out of state plates in the campground such as Ohio, Missouri, Canada, Wisconsin, as well as many from Louisiana.  

The most interesting camper in the park.

Bye Bye Grand Isle - till next time

Got home and the dogs were so happy and showed it by running around and searching for their toys and chasing the cats.  It's so cute to see them do that.

I'll be going back in a few weeks for the Birding Festival and to bring the first load of my inventory for the upcoming May Garage Sale.  I have so much to bring that I'm hoping two loads will be enough to bring to Pat's house.  This year I have twice the inventory I usually have.  Sure hope I can sell it all.


  1. Alone time is so very special and sitting next to the water is the best.

    1. Hi JO... So true. It rejuvenates me.