Saturday, February 14, 2015


The Houma Carnival Season is the second largest after New Orleans.  There are 10 parades throughout the season, along with Carnival Balls and Tableaus.

Packed the doggies up in the RV, filled the fridge with drinks, ordered Dominoes sandwiches and off we went to one of the night parades last night.  Our neighbor Carolyn and her doggie Prince came along.

Found a nice parking place which was almost exactly where we were parked last year and backed up to the highway. 

We were parked next to a Daiquiri Hut.

I swiveled the passenger chair around facing the back in order to look out the back window.  We watched the parade for awhile inside then went out to the street to catch some throws and take photos.

This is the first time I turned the chair around and really enjoyed it as it is more comfortable than the beds.

The doggies were eager to get some of our sandwiches.  I gave them doggie treats but they were begging for some real food.

There were about 20 floats in this parade.  Here are some photos of my favorites.

Carolyn's good friend Sharon recently passed away from Cancer.  Her sister's float paid tribute to her with this sign.

Here is another float paying tribute to a member who recently passed away.

My favorite float.  Love the pelican and babies.

This was the float that Sharon rode on last year and was hoping to ride again this year but didn't make it.  Her crew paid tribute to her with this sign.

The crowd was well behaved.

 I was surprised to see this new addition to the end of the parade.  It's a recycle float that allows parade goers to throw back and donate beads to the local Association for the Intellectually Challenged.  Great idea!

Had a good time.  The weather was great and we made it back home with no incidents.


  1. Sounds like you all had a lot of fun.

    1. Hi Chris... yes we did enjoy ourselves. It is becoming a tradition now as we have done this for the last 4 years. It's so nice to have the RV at a parade.

  2. So many fun things to do there. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi JO...Yes there are always festivals and parades here in South Louisiana. It's "Let the good times roll" - as they say.