Sunday, January 11, 2015


Packed up the RV with snacks and bundled up the little doggies for a trip to New Orleans.  My neighbor Carolyn came along with us and we headed out about 10:00 am.  The temperature was in the 40s, the sun was shining but the wind was blowing and it was really cold.

We were waiting for Carolyn and I removed their usual bedding from the passenger seat so they just cuddled together thinking that was where they were going to be.  I placed one of their beds on the floor between the seats and that's where they stayed the whole trip.  They don't want to sleep in the back of the coach but rather be up front with us. 

Stopped first at the Coq Rouge Art Gallery to pick up my artwork as my contract was up.  The gallery sold 2 of my 7 pieces so I came home with some money.  That's always a good thing.  Thanks Patricia.

Found a patch of grass for them to potty.

Found a parking spot very near the gallery which is not an easy thing to do.

Once we got to the French Market we parked behind Cafe DuMonde, put the doggies in their carriage, and off we went.

Met another little doggie being carried in a doggie bag by her mommy.

By now we were really hungry.  Carolyn waiting for our food in the French Market.

  Had our usual Creole Burger and Sauteed Potatoes.  

We walked around in the marketplace for awhile but didn't purchase anything.  

Walked over to Royal Street and saw many street entertainers.  Back to the market place and bought some Pralines.  I got 2 chocolate, 2 plain, and 2 coconut.  They are delicious.

St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square.

Tried to get a table at Cafe DuMonde for some cafe au lait and beignets but the lines were too long.

  So we crossed the street and went to The Market Cafe and a nice spot outside and away from the wind.  I ordered coffee and bread pudding with rum sauce and Carolyn ordered hot tea.  

We shared the pudding which was outstanding.  This warmed us up and I was feeling happy for the opportunity to spend time in the city in weather that I love.

I didn't want to leave but it was getting late so we headed up to the levee and let the dogs out on the grass to potty - which they did.  They were so well behaved on this trip.  I made sure that they stayed warm in their little stroller by placing the rain cover over the carriage.  They also had sweaters on.  They enjoyed the ride and all the attention they received from people we passed on the street.    

Begging for something to eat.

They were so ready to get out and walk around.

After they pottied and I picked up we headed for the RV and refreshed ourselves.  Then headed for home. 

Had a great day.



  1. What a lovely day everyone had. Sometimes a little cold weather is good for us. Thanks for sharing your day trip

    1. Hi JO... I love being out in the city when it's cold. Sooo much better than walking the streets in 100 degree summer weather. Glad you stopped by.