Tuesday, December 1, 2015


After spending 43 days in a garage bay, my RV is back in my driveway tonight.  I had decided to go to the garage today and inform them that I would be taking my RV home and they could call me when the parts arrived and I would then return.  (The parts were on back order) However, when I got there I could see that the RV was no longer jacked up.  The mechanic immediately started to apologize.  At first, I didn't know why he was so apologetic.  Then he told me that the RV had been fixed and ready since last Wednesday but they couldn't find my phone number.  Well, I wasn't too upset about that because the family had suffered a great loss the day after I brought it in.  It is a family owned business and the father had a heart attack and died.  He was only 50.  So sad.

Anyway, I was extremely relieved that the new air bags were installed and holding air.  I went into the office to pay my bill and the happiness soon turned to shock.  The total bill was $1070.00.  I paid, thanked them, then returned home to wait for my neighbor to get off from work to take me back to pick it up.

My blood pressure went sky high and I even had chest pains which caused me great concern.  Once home I tried to relax and not think about the money.  It has been 7 months since I've been camping and in that time have spent $3,000 on the RV.  First it was a front end brake job, then it was a rear end break job, then it was 4 new tires, and then the busted air bags replaced.  When I think about how many camping trips I could have taken with that money I get sick to my stomach.

I am happy to have it back home and will be taking the rest of the month of December off from my Dog Sitting business to go on some short camping trips.  Can't afford much else.  Looks like it will be next winter before I can make it to the Atlantic Coast and down to the Florida Keys.

I'm hoping that nothing else goes wrong with the camper for a while but am concerned about the refridgerator.  Although it was not running while it was jacked up for 43 days, I worry that something may go wrong with the chemicals that run it.  I'll try it out tomorrow and see what happens.


  1. So sorry to read this I know how much you were looking forward to your Fl. trip.
    I keep putting off buying a van because it scares me that something very expensive can go wrong. I wish you the best of luck and no more problems.

  2. Bummer so sorry about all the problems...hope they are all fixed now...sorry you will not make it to Florida...I was hoping we could meet up...next time maybe...have a good one and happy new year...