Thursday, December 10, 2015


Yes, it's been 7 months since I have been to the beach.  It was just a short visit but a needed one.  I was hoping it would be cold but the temps were in the 70s and there were droves of mosquitoes that attacked us everywhere we went.  I used bug spray but that didn't help much.  It was awful.  I have never experienced mosquitoes in such hordes at the beach.  The town sprayed insecticide every night and that did help some but the next day they were back.  So I stayed inside a lot and watched movies.
Temps did drop some that first night and I got to use my electric fireplace.  It kept us nice and toasty.

I did enjoy riding my new electric bike around the park as well as on the beach.  As long as I was moving I didn't get bit but as soon as I slowed down or stopped they were all over me.  The beach has changed over the last few years.  There is grass growing all over the beach - that was never there before -  and that's where the mosquitoes nest.  Not sure why they allowed grass to grow but it's a big mistake as it will keep folks off the beach.

This is how it looks with all that ugly grass.  Note the green sign.

This is how it looked a few years ago.  You can see the corner of the green sign. 

This is the view of the front of the shelter.  The beach was so nice then.  There is the green sign on the left.

Enjoyed a fire the first night after the spray truck left.  It was nice and chilly and I covered up with a blanket and watched the fire for a long time.

The dogs love to sit on the picnic table.

Back home now and hoping I can take another short camping trip in a week or so.  Thinking about the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  


  1. Sorry to hear your trip was ruined due to the mosquitoes. I wonder why they let the grasses grow like that too! Hope you next little trip is better

    1. Hi JO... I can't figure out why they let the grass grow on the beach and I even think they planted it. I'm thinking about going to another beach in a few weeks. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Sad about the beach... you mentioned before you might be coming to Florida this winter are you still planning on that?

    1. Sorry to say that I won't be getting to Florida this time. I'm hoping for next winter. Had lots of repair costs on the RV and need to save up for that long a trip.