Monday, June 15, 2015


It's been a year now since my Cyclamatic Electric bike's motor burned out.  No one in my area is willing to work on an electric bike.  After a few months, I located a mechanic in New Orleans who said he could work on the bike.  He found a replacement motor and I purchased it online.  When it came in I delivered it to the mechanic.  Three months later he still had not installed it.  It wasn't that he was so busy but that he procrastinated to the point that I had to threaten to report him.  He finally installed the motor but told me that it would not run.  He felt that it was the battery that had run down.  He didn't have a charger for my bike so I said I would charge it when I got home.  I was so glad to bring my bike home.

I charged the battery but the bike still would not run.  Then I figured out what the problem was.  He installed a 36v motor instead of a 24v motor.  The 24v battery would not run this motor.  So now I have paid $ 256.00 for the motor and $100.00 for labor... and still no bike to ride.   I have about $1200 invested in this bike so far.

I could not find the battery I need in the US.  I've tried for months to order a 36 v battery from China but after having dealt with 4 different sales reps online, I purchased one from AliBaba.  For the next 3 months I was told that the battery was still being built.  Then a few weeks ago I was informed that they could not build the battery I needed.  It took a while to get a refund of the $220.00 I paid for the battery but thanks to PayPal the claim was closed and I got my refund.

I continued to look for a li-ion battery online and even went to the local Batteries Plus store today but they can not work on lithium batteries.  So very frustrating.

I gave some thought to ordering another motor (24v) and having it installed just so the current battery would work and the bike would run once again.  But that would mean spending another $256.00 on a bike that I will never be able to get a replacement battery for.  So I decided to buy a new bike instead.

I found an electric folding bike that does offer replacement batteries.  And here it is....

It cost $799.00 and free shipping.
300 Watt motor fueled by a 36 volt 10 ah battery pack

It looks very much like my current bike...

250 Watt motor fueled by a 24 volt 10 ah battery pack
Modified with a new 540 Watt motor but no matching battery pack

I paid $799.00 for this bike 2 1/2 years ago.  I really like this bike and it was my fault that the motor burnt out.  The mechanic informed me that when he opened the motor up there was sand inside.  I wasn't surprised.  I rode that bike on the beach and it was always covered in sand.  I did rinse it off but that didn't help the sand that entered the motor.   I sure had a lot of fun on that bike.

So in about a week, I'll have a new electric bike.  Can't wait.

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