Sunday, May 31, 2015


I finally found a place near my home to go fishing.  My friend Mark showed me several places that he goes to and catches perch.  So today I met him at one of our many bayous.  Bayou Black is long and winding and runs about 30 miles where it reaches the Intracoastal Waterway.

Here in Houma, at the corner of Bayou Black Drive and Country Club Drive, is a boat launch with two slips and a large parking lot.    But that's not what caught my eye.  Behind a red brick building that now houses a Police Sub-Station are a line of thick trees shading a dock.  What a find!

I have searched Terrebonne Parish for a nice place for me to sit by a body of water and read a book or just relax.  Never could find just the right place.  However, I drove up to meet Mark and I walked from my RV to the water's edge and I couldn't stop oooing and ahhing.  I just love it.

Leashed up the doggies and walked them on the pier.  They preferred the grassy area under the trees.  Even though the day was hot it was very nice and cool under those trees.  Mark was trying to catch perch but not having any luck so he headed out to another location.  I really wanted to stay but I followed him to another spot where he caught 30 perch.

 I am certainly going to return to that spot and put out some chairs for me and the doggies and do some fishing.  Doesn't really matter to me if I catch anything as long as I enjoy the wonderful spot I found only 3 minutes from my home.

In the distance is an abandoned bridge that's been closed off.

That's the Police Station on the left.

Folks launching their boats on this Sunday afternoon.

I'm parked behind Mark's truck.  Just a few steps to the spot.

Mark does not like to wait for a nibble from a fish.  If they don't bite in a few minutes, he moves on.

He gave me a few for my supper.  I haven't cleaned a fish in 20 years.  It ought to be interesting.


  1. Yes it is a very pretty spot to just sit and read or fish. Like you I could care less if I caught anything and more than likely would throw it back. I cut the tips off my hooks. The last time I tried to cut up a fish I did such a bad job it was almost not eatable.

    1. Hi JO... I told Mark not to bother giving me any more fish and that I'd rather buy frozen from the store. It was just to awful a job to cut off their heads and gut them. Yuck!