Monday, February 17, 2014


Left Pat's house around 2:00 this afternoon, stopped to get some shrimp, then went to the Grand Isle State Park.  My favorite spot was taken but I'm right next to it.  There are only a few campers in the park and the beach was deserted.  I rode my bike along the water's edge and it felt great to be back on the shore.  Later in the day, I took the doggies for a ride in their little red cart.  They played in the sand but did not try to get into the water.  It's still pretty cold.

Crossing over the levee.

And there it is.

My new set up.  I was able to put my electric bike, doggie cart, table and 2 beach chairs inside the RV.  It was crowded but glad I could do it.

My little darlings sharing a beach chair.

Cooked the shrimp and potatoes for supper - outside using the electric skillet.  It worked just fine.  

Feeling really tired and going to watch a movie with my little doggies.  It was a fun day for us all.

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