Sunday, February 16, 2014


It's been 6 whole months since I've been to the beach at Grand Isle, LA.  I'll be staying in my friend Pat's yard a day or two then on to the State Park for a few days.  I've never spent more than two nights in my Class B and am looking forward to a week spent learning about the quirks of the van.

Got to the island around 2:00 this afternoon and got set up then went for a visit to my cousin Elain's house.  Came back to the RV and walked the dogs then went up the street and bought some fried chicken for supper.  My babies are sleeping next to me now and I'm watching a movie.

Tomorrow I'll be riding my electric bike to the beach.  Can't wait to hear and see the Gulf.  I never did get a trailer hitch put on the RV so had to pack the bike, doggie carrier, and folding table into the camper and unloaded them when I got set up.  So tonight they are outside.  I miss having a basement for storage.

The weather is great and no rain in the forecast for a week.  Temps in the 70s, finally.  I'll have photos to post tomorrow.

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