Wednesday, December 13, 2017


It's been 10 months since my last camping trip to the beach.  It was very cold but I enjoyed myself anyway.  The doggies loved seeing the beach again and wanted to stay outside and refused to get into the camper at times.

Had some problems with my furnace the first night so called my friend Pat who lives on the island to bring me an electric space heater.  Was comfortable after that.

Even though it was cold the sun felt so nice and warm.

I call this "Pearly Water" and can capture these photos at noon time.

Fishing boat on pearly water.

At the pavilion. 

Tired after play time on the beach.

Watching other little doggies outside.

Someone dropped off this poor cat at the park.  I put some dog food on the picnic table and it came back and ate some.  It would not let me get close to it.
Later in the day it walked right into camp and relaxed.  I was sitting in my chair just a few feet from where it was.

It has short folded ears.  

The Scottish Fold is a breed of domestic cat with a natural dominant-gene mutation that affects cartilage throughout the body, causing the ears to "fold,” bending forward and down towards the front of the head, which gives the cat what is often described as an "owl-like" appearance.

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