Monday, January 30, 2017


Loaded up the dogs and packed some food in the RV and away we went this afternoon.  I had made reservations online and put it on my credit card.  The total was $40.00 for two nights - according to the website.

When I checked in at the office I was told the total would be $76.00 which included my Good Sam discount.  So instead of charging me $20 a night they charged me $40 a night.  The person informed me that the $20 a night rate does not start till April.  Of course I asked why the website did not reflect that information.  No explanation was given me.  I asked to cancel and they said it was too late to cancel.  I paid the balance and went to my site.   I can not afford to pay $40 a night and would not have made the reservation if that was what the website showed.  Lesson learned.  I won't be back.

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