Sunday, December 7, 2014


Packed the doggies up into the RV and took off for a day trip.  I've lived in Terrebonne Parish most of my adult life but have yet to see all parts of it.  It's stretched out pretty far in all directions and I live in the northern part.  So today I decided to travel to the southern part to look for a place to go crabbing for the delicious blue crab.

Here is a little bit of info about the area.

Pointe-aux-Chenes Wildlife Management Area is located in Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes, approximately 15 miles southeast of Houma. This area, which is owned by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, includes about 35,000 acres.

Access to the interior is typically limited to boat travel due to the lack of roads. Boat launches into the interior of the area are available on the Island Road and on Highway 665, south of the Headquarters area in Pointe-aux-Chene. 

The terrain is mostly marsh, varying from intermediate to brackish, interspersed with numerous ponds, bayous, and canals. The only timber stands are located on the Point Farm Unit of the area, or areas adjacent to natural bayous and older oil and gas canals.

Game species include waterfowl, deer, rabbit, squirrels, rails, gallinules, and snipe. Furbearing animals present are mink, nutria, muskrat, raccoon, opossum, and otter. The Department holds annual lottery hunts for waterfowl for the physically challenged hunters and for deer for youth hunters.

Inland saltwater fish species, crabs, and shrimp (shrimp may only be caught with cast net) are available to the recreational fisherman. Fishing is excellent due to the proximity to the Timbalier and Terrebonne Bay watersheds. Freshwater fish may be caught in the more northern portions of the area.

Although we are surrounded by water here in Terrebonne Parish, there are few places where you can park near water and enjoy some crabbing and fishing from shore.  In all my life, I have never done so.

I was really pleased to see how this area was situated so close to the Gulf.  It took me an hour to get here from my home, which surprised me.  It takes me an hour and a half to get to Grand Isle which is on the Gulf but in a different direction and in a different parish.  I thought this would be a place closer to my home but it's farther out than I figured.

Really nice camps here.

That's the marina on the right.  It was closed when I was there.  I was informed that it only opens in the morning.  Two boat launches also available.

The upstairs portion of the marina offers a nice view of the area.  It also has rooms to rent, a store, and a fish cleaning station.

There is a boardwalk all along this waterway.  Lots of places to sit and fish or put out crab nets.  There are lakes all around this area as well as bayous... all leading out to the Gulf.

It was hot on this day with bugs but as soon as it cools down I will be back with my crab nets and try to catch at least a dozen for my supper.  The prices at the local seafood market are outrageous.  It's $40.00 for a dozen boiled crabs.  I refuse to pay it.


  1. $40. is a lot especially since you can catch them right there. I haven't had fresh caught crabs in 39 yrs, since I moved to AZ. :(

    1. Hi JO... WOW it's past time for you to enjoy some delicious crab meat. Thanks for stopping by.