Thursday, December 26, 2013


On my return trip to Louisiana in the Pleasure Way, I noticed that it tended to sway.  It was white knuckle driving all the way home.  Once home, I got on the Internet and found the topic on several forums with suggestions on how to remedy the situation.  The first thing listed was tire pressure.

So the first thing I did when I got home was to check the tire pressure.  The manufacturer states on the door panel that the rear should be 80 and the front 55 psi.  The pressure on the Pleasure Way was:  rear 55 and front 30.  That could be why I had such a hard time staying in my lane coming home.  This could make a big difference.

I rode around town today and got up to 55 mph with no sway.  To be really sure I will take it on the interstate for a test ride within the next few days.  However, it does appear that it was only low tire pressure that was the problem.  I wish I would have checked the tires before leaving Florida.  It never dawned on me that the tires would be in need of air.

The next thing listed on the forums was to have a front-end alignment.  I called the Ford dealership here in town and they referred me to Superior Tire Service who work on big rigs.  I was pleased to hear that there was someone here in town that could do the job.  They will also be able to tell me whether or not I need to have the air bags filled to 60, install an anti sway bar, or have the steering box adjusted.

I wrote to Pleasure Way and requested the alignment specs for my VIN # and am waiting a reply.  When I get that info I will take it in to Superior Tire Service.

Hopefully, I won't need to do any of those things and I can get on with my camping.  Meanwhile, she just sits in my driveway looking pretty.  She gets a lot of attention from the neighbors.

I still have a few things that need doing before I can go camping.  I have to go to the Insurance company and have the policy transferred to the new RV.  Then I need to get a Louisiana Brake Tag.  After that I will go to the DMV to return the old plate and get a new one.  I also want to drain the fresh water tank and sanitize it and refill it.  I will try to get up on the roof to fix the rust stain and see if it needs sealing or just paint.

So it will be a week or two before I can go anywhere but I will be getting the necessary things done.  Meanwhile, I've been having fun arranging things on the inside.  Anything that slides off onto the floor now has Velcro to keep it in place.  I thinned out all of my clothes and towels and now even have some empty space in one cabinet.  I really had too much stuff in the Class C and now am down to the essentials.  It's amazing how much that Class B can hold.


  1. A class B has some weight on it so the tires need to be inflated. My sprinter felt like it swayed a lot at first even with the tires at the right pressure. A lot of that was just getting used to it. I find that my van drives a lot better with the air bags at low pressure. It seems to be squirrely with the pressure up. They are handy for a little bit of leveling when parked tho.

    They are fun to get situated and set up just for you! Mine has been a real lesson in what I need and all that I don't need at all!

    1. Hi Mary... I'm not sure about the air bag pressure. I read that to help sway it should be at 60. I'll just wait and see about that.

  2. Your new rig sounds and looks wonderful...cant wait to hear
    all about your adventures...keep us posted

  3. Hi Donna... Thanks for the compliment on my rig. I'll be posting about my next camping trip as soon as the weather clears up. It's been raining alot and I'm staying indoors for now.